I knew I wanted to start a blog but was completely overwhelmed with where to start, the right way to do it, and how to make sure I was doing everything properly from the start — especially where the legal stuff was concerned. Chandra and her Blogger Law course was such a huge help and helped me lay out the framework for not only starting my blogging business but how to make sure I did everything on the up and up and know how to proceed if future legal issues arise. Every blogger should take her course! – Danny M.

I now think of Chandra as Super Woman – red cape and all. I was being harassed by another blogger for weeks over a trademark issue. I felt bullied but at the same time worried – what if I was accidentally violating her trademark? I’m no lawyer and googling legal advice leads to all sorts of wrong information so I contacted Chandra… Legal issues are like dark clouds hanging over everything and I’m so glad that I contacted her. The dark cloud is gone and I know where I stand now. What a relief!  – Sara B.