Blogger Law™ E-Course (coming soon!)

The law that governs blogging is vast, and yet so many bloggers (or businesses that also have a blog) don’t even realize there are rules they have to follow to keep their blog legal. Whether you are just thinking about starting a blog, or have been successfully blogging for years you likely have a lot to learn about the laws and best practices surrounding blogging. You’ll learn how to avoid violating someone else’s intellectual property and how to protect your own original work (no one wants to get sued or have to someone else). You’ll learn the basics to setting up your blogging business, the proper way to disclose partnerships and collaborations, when you should have contracts in place, how to draft disclaimers, terms and conditions and other disclosures, and so much more. If you are planning to start a blog or have already put lots of work into a blog, you need this course to protect your content, time, and financial investments.