Blogger Law™ Checklist for Influencers (coming soon!)

Just because you don’t have a blog doesn’t mean there aren’t laws and regulations that you have to follow as a social media influencer. You would also benefit from the Blogger Law™ E-Course, but if you’re looking to learn about the best practices to follow without a deep dive into the legalities, then the Blogger Law™ Checklist for Influencers is for you. Get an overview of how to stay compliant with FTC guidelines, how to foster supportive relationships with other influencers, how to quickly edit photos and videos, how to protect your brand and avoid infringing on the intellectual property of others, and how to know your worth so you aren’t just giving brands your hard work and influence for free.

This is not an e-course, this is a downloadable checklist that gives you a roadmap to follow and is not as in depth as our e-courses.