I’ve always wanted to combine my 10 years of practicing law with my 8 years of blogging experience to help other bloggers understand the ins and outs of the legal and ethical rules that surround micro-influencing and creative entrepreneurship. I had the idea back in 2012, finally got around to building a site in 2013, and had my second baby shortly after (and then another shortly after that.) So, Blogger Law was all but abandoned for the last 5 years as I had babies and mothered and navigated the beautiful chaos of having three little boys while working as a blogger and influencer and informally advising blogger friends and creatives on how to keep things kosher in their businesses.

Timing is everything, I’ve learned. And the time for Blogger Law has finally come. As I work on this site and create my e-courses and downloads, I’m still taking on consulting clients. Shoot me an email for more information!